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Micro motor Development, Design, Manufacture, and Sale.
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Company Summary

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Head Office / Factory
  15-7, Nenei, Saku-shi, Nagano, Japan

Micromotor production and sale,
Various Micromotor applied products

October 22, 1958

Masato Nakagawa

Hachijyuni Bank
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

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Business Contents

From a development / design of a micromotor, I perform production (A jig / Die production, Press working, Sub Assembling, Motor Assembling), Inspection (A part acceptance inspection, Products inspection), Duties to sale.

I perform a development / Design along market needs. A design of special order product is possible, too.

In the head office, it is carrying out consistently to a tool, a metallic mold, manufacture of equipment, part processing, and product manufacture.

There are electric discharge method machine, Molding grinder, Machine press, arrival at high pressure oil condenser ceremony porcelain, NC winding airplane, Commutator cut finish board.

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Specifications of a Micromotor

Point of contact specifications:

Voltage specifications:

Micromotor outer diameter:

Micromotor full length:
Carbon Brush
Metal Plate Brush

DC 0.4〜30V


I have accumulated technology and ability for high production control and supply the adapted motor to a product in a market.

Small lot production can support, too.

In addition, in late years it supplies a product corresponding to "a RoHS order" recommended in Europe.

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A Method of the Micromotor Choice

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About a demand of a product specification, You can make a note.
【In addition, a written demand is transmitted to the main office / sales department】

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Inquiry ahead about the product purchase

Principal contact
Head Office / Factory

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